Warranty Note

PRODUCTS Warranty Note


Equiplite products employ a proprietary DSK 75 Ultra loop to take the majority of the load in quick connectors, blocks and deck loops. Just pass the loop trough the hole and back over a groove on the fitting.


- Equiplite equipment is warranted for 12 months from the date of sale to be free of defective material and workmanship and must be used in accordance with specifications and accepted good practice.
- Loops should be connected to a mating part that is rounded and free from sharp edges or burrs. Fittings will last indefinitely if the above is followed.


- Recoat black UV coating periodically to prevent UV damage for long life.
- After sailing in salt water, clean loops with fresh water to avoid extra wear.
- Equiplite products are covered or coated for protection against UV.
- Coated loops should be recoated periodically as coating wears for max life.
- Loops should be replaced if excessive wear occurs and mating parts checked.
- Equiplite provides world wide service for your Equiplite products.

General  terms  and  conditions  of  Sailing  Perfection  BV &  Equiplite  Europe  filed  at  the District Court of Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, under number: 600/1408059.1