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  Yarn properties: UV-resistance

DSM® regarding the UV resistance and the graph of DSK75 ULTRA.

As you will see, the graph referrers to the bare fibre, with no coating. In a single braid construction (like for the DSK 75 ULTRA) only part of the fibres are exposed to direct sunlight: the core fibres of each single strand are shielded by the external ones and therefore their degradation is slower.

Besides, a dark polyurethane coating like Equiplite use for the DSK 75 ULTRA slows down the UV effect further more. Therefore (unless other factors – wear, abrasion, exposure to temperature above 80°C, bad manipulation, etc. – effected the quality of the rope), you can expect the UV degradation to be at least 50% slower than what exposed in the attached graph and the residual strength not to be lower than 75% of the initial breaking strength after one year, 70% after two year and 65% after three years.

  About Equiplite UV resistance  
NOTE: That the measurements are on yarn level. This means that in a construction like a single braid less material is exposed to the UV. The data in the graph is therefore a worst case scenario. In practice the UV degradation will be less.