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This is a thought-provoking design that does not take for granted the marriage of high performance, style and comfort. She’s a design that marks a fresh and progressive turning point in our long and successful history. This is some yacht, inspired by the client looked for the next new, new thing; a dream project for the designer, shipyard and Equiplite®.

Given their reputation for excellence, Royal Huisman was the owner’s choice of shipyard, Equiplite ® for the soft and hardware for the deck, mast and running rig hardware, from the very start.  “It's a high-performance, go-anywhere cruising yacht that not only looks excitingly different, but is also beautifully built and luxuriously comfortable.


The bigger the model, the more accurate the results, because you can scale everything except the viscosity of water. Our aim is to reduce the wetted surface to minimize drag, while still retaining good stability.

High-tech construction, Equiplite® NEXt™ deck, rig and sail hardware specifications ensure a Superyacht capable of cruising around the world.

Supplied by Royal Huisman Shipyard:

Deck hardware:

product: workload:  
4x All-round Snatch blocks 15T MWL.  
2x LEAD blocks* 20T MWL.  
IN-Focker`s 12T MWL.  

*Rated 20T and up “plug-&-play” installed on a removable swiveling PAD i`s


product: workload:  
2x Gennakker blocks 15T MWL.  

Supplied by Doyle Rigging:

Sail hardware:

IN-Fockers (runner retrieval lines)  

Running rigging hardware:

NS connectors (13-15-20T MWL. ) more...
LION™ (Furling Top Swivel) more...

Supplied by Rondal BV

AutoLock™ Automatic Headboard Car Roach lock. 60 MBL  
SWIv™ 60T MBL. more...

Technical Data

 LOA 58.0m
 Beam 9.54m
 Draft (max)


 Draft (min) 5.30 m
 Yard Royal Huisman Shipyard
 Year 2017

Naval Architect:

Dubois Naval Architechts

Exterior Design:

Dubois Naval Architects

Interior Design:

Rick Baker / Paul Morgan


Royal Huisman Shipyard

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