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Where performance meets the top of super yachts...

The new 85m Ketch designed by Tripp Naval Architects and built by VittersShipyard and Oceanco, will join forces with Sailing Perfection Group of Companies (Equiplite Europe) in their effort to further optimize the 2 giant masts with our 90 metric tonne 2:1 top swivel, deck hardware rated 24T and “plug-&-play” installed on removable swiveling padeyes.

The Navel of this yacht is by the hand of Tripp Design navel Architecture, the US based design studio. This project will be the actual proof that a large sailing yacht can have at least equal sailing characteristics as a yacht of smaller dimensions.

As can be expected from both navel architect and builder, this yacht will be a true sailing yacht, in Performance and comfortable cruising yacht.

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:
Project: SY Aquijo

Deck hardware:
- All-round snatch blocks  ( 9-10-15-20T & 40T MWL)

Pad-I system:
- Pad-I 20T (incl. "Leia" lead-system) more...more
- LEAD blocks (15-20-30T MWL)* more...more
- UPSTAND blocks (9-15T MWL)* more...more 
* "plug & play" installed on removable swiveling pad-i 

Sail hardware:
- 90 metric tonne 2:1 Top swivel more...more
- Air tracer system more...more

Running Rigging hardware:
(supplied by Marine Results) 

G4 NS systems:
- 30-16 NS-G4
- 24-14 NS-G4 
- Allround NS Connectors ( all-round 13T MWL>) 

Technical data:

LOA  86m | 282 ft
LWL (full load)  81.76m | 268 ft
BEAM  8.25m | 27 ft
BEAM (max)  14.48 | 47.5 ft
Main Mast  91m | 298 ft


Naval Architects:

Tripp Design

Vitters Shipyard

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