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Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

Deck hardware:
- Barberhaul blocks VHL
- All lead blocks to the winches VHL
- Spinnaker blocks

Sail hardware:
- Jib-clew blocks VHL
- Code 0 clew blocks

NS connectors


Technical data

Boat type Carbon composite catamaran
Yacht built by
Alinghi-Décision - Villeneuve, Switzerland
Architects Rolf Vrolijk and Alinghi design team headed by Grant Simmer
Consultants Nigel Irens, Benoît Cabaret, Alain Gautier
Overall length 
34 m
Beam  25 m
≈11 tons (without mast)
Mast height ≈62 metres (the mast was initially shorter. Taller mast was installed in October 2009)
Main sail  ≈560 m2
Head sail ≈370 m2
Gennaker ≈1,100 m2