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NEW Project 66m. Sloop "MISS Aglaia"

Equiplite Europe worked closely together with Vitters Shipyard to customize the deck set up for the new 66m.  Sloop "Aglaia"

This exciting new 66` mtr. Sloop "MISS Aglaia"
At 66m, this yacht combines our racing-design experience with our expert knowledge of world-cruising requirements; reliability, seaworthiness and strength. With racing yacht performance by virtue of the lifting keel and a sleek, novel appearance, this yacht will be a ground breaker.

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

- TRIM sheet block - Second mainsheet  blocks - [ MWL. 40.000kg. ]
- Head sail 2:1 block [ MWL. 40.000kg. ]
- 360 LOOPS fiber certified approved under ISO 9001 [ MWL. 28.000kg. ]
- 360 fibre Loop bracket
  (for Code 0 Top Swivel: MWL. 127.000 kg.)....
- All-round snatch blocks | Spinnaker blocks | lead blocks
- All Running rigging hardware

Technical Data

Designer      Naval Architect Dubois
Builder Vitters Shipyard
LOA 55.00 m
LWL 38.40 m
Beam 9.50 m
Draft 4.80 m
Sail Area 1.335 m


Naval Architect Dubois:

Vitters Shipyard:

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