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Rondal 75m performance rig package, fully equipped with Intellilock Hall AutoLocks for a performance-oriented 70m ketch by Perini Navi.


Working together with top quality suppliers of rig components, Rondal ensures the perfect integration of the spars and standing rigging. Sailing Perfection Group of Companies (Equiplite Europe) is delighted to announce we are one of these suppliers.


Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

Project: Rondal rig 75 mtr.


Rig Components:

product: qty: workload:  
Headboard car AutoLock 2 45.000 kg SWL more...
Mast top lock 1 25.000 kg SWL more...


Running Rigging hardware:

product:   workload:  
NS Connectors   6T up to 45T MWL more...

Technical Data

Length overall: 75m performance rig package for a Perini
Rig Architect: Rondal Design Team
Builder: Rondal BV
Standing rigging: Carbo-Link
Intellilocks AutoLocks: Sailing Perfection Group of Companies (Equiplite Europe)


Rondal BV






Naval Architects:

Ron Holland



Perini Navi

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