GCB blocks advantages

Partner for peeling

Equiplite Gennaker blocks employ wide alloy sheaves to pass two sheets for peeling under load.

Lightweight & plug and play

The GCB blocks use Dyneema loops to take the loads directly through the centre of the sheave, which results in a extremely strong and lightweight construction.

The throatlength is optimized for the gennaker position.

Bungee becket

Bungee Beckets are incuded with the gennaker blocks. These fittings are required when fixating blocks in diagonal or upright position to the railing with shockcord. Shockcord included as well.


Snatching gennaker blocks







Safety and maximum performance

Maintenance Management System

Lightening the administrative of its user with regards to automatic service schedules, certifications. Adding this MMS™ system to a yacht`s management system guarantees not only close record keeping but ensures approval of both marine surveyors and insurance companies.

Nituff ® sheave

Nituff is a surface treatment that enhances the properties of hard anodizing with a PTFE penetration. This creates a low friction, hight corrosion resitant, self lubricating sheave.


Gennaker, Spinnaker sheets.


Fiber Certification    Fiber Certification        ISO 9001 - VCA  **-EKH

                                                          Certified and registered

        MMS™NFC technology in the Soft and hardware - (((RFID))) Improved maintenance management