Launch online store

Equiplite™ Europe
Media statement
10 September 2012

Equiplite Europe [under the Sailing Perfection BV Group of companies] launches a new online store.

24/7 shopping experience, on the highest level of innovation and with the latest technological advantages, now available and accessible to everyone!

The main storage and assembly facility, located at the Leerlooiersstraat 6, 8601 WK on the outside rim of the famous and nautical oriented city of Sneek in the Netherlands, has now opened her doors online:  The Equiplite Europe store has opened her door the 10th of September 2012.

To view Equiplite Europe new Store, Click here: LIVE opening!....

Special opening bonus: The first 100 customers will receive a free limited edition key ring.

Team Equiplite Europe
Frederiek Strating
Rien Schijffelen
Reinier Persenaire
Rob Douma

AIM Media
Technical Realisation


Lourens Poorter
Owner | CEO