Mainhalyard 90T AutoLock system

Lock onto the news…. 

first `sneak peek` of the
90 TON MAINHALYARD external car AutoLock System...

Even though the concept of locking the headboard car automatically is not new,
Hall AutoLock engineers joined forces with Sailing Perfection Group of Companies
(Equiplite Europe) in their effort to further optimize the existing system into the
biggest locks ever built! ( 90T )

Main headboard car AutoLocks work without trip lines, meaning less clutter and tangle of lines…..

The necessity for extra mast-exit  holes (generally 3 reef & 1 full hoist) is eliminated. 
Together these important features have been key in creating the ultimate balance between
performance and a rig’s structural design while harnessing these much higher loads. Even for small boats, smaller than 80', this is the future of mainsail locking as the total initial investment can be divided by 3!









Effective benefits:

- Smaller and low-tech fibre halyards

- Less custom jammers
- Smaller (captive) winches

- Lock is visible and within reach. Instead of 
removing 4 locks from the inside, only 1 lock 
is easily removed for service.

To be continued in the next issue in detail.... 

Reliable Reefing
Our mainsail lock is designed for ease of reefing. Brackets ( wedge ) are mounted at fixed reefing and full hoist positions in the mast and engage with the headboard car assembly as it passes when the sail is raised or lowered. Our lock is compatible with any track or headboard car


To be continued in the next issue.... 



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CEO Mr. L.Poorter

Mainhalyard 90T Autolock system | Equiplite Lock onto the news. first `sneak peek` of the 90 TON MAINHALYARD external car AutoLo