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Heads Are Turning

Heads are turning to see the very latest development in head stay furling at Perini Navi.
Even though the concept of furling is not new, Future Fibres joined forces with Equiplite Europe in their effort to further optimize headsail furling where less is more. With imagination, technological innovations and proven experience in Code Sail furling systems these efforts have resulted in a furling head stay without carbon foils and an AutoLock locking mechanism at the top of the stay.

A few of the main improvements here include a lower initial investment, a significant reduction of compression in the mast, a lower weight count and less creep (constructional stretch) while accessibility for maintenance and sail changes have been made easier. The now much smaller and thinner halyard runs through the luff pocket in the sail and no longer through the mast. After hoisting the sail and locked and tension the cunningham, the hoist line disconnects after which the sail can be furled in and out hydraulically.

Staysail furling head lock 

AutoLock performance

Less compression and creep resulting in increased safety and greatly improved sailing performance.

When a luff tension of 10.000 kg is needed, a winch or jammer needs to be able to be hold at least 18.000 kg load. By installing an AutoLock in the top of the mast, the additional 8.000 kg is eliminated, resulting in a significant reduction of compression in the mast and halyard creep is taken out of the equation completely.

Another result of using AutoLock is that there’s no need for expensive halyards and thus changing to a lock system will prove a good return on investment. When including AutoLocks in new build projects, big winches, heavy stoppers and extra pulleys on deck are obsolete. Depending on the project, most calculators have already found using AutoLocks will benefit a projects total budget while improving on safety.

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