J-Class Hanuman

J-CLASS Hanuman’s new flying runner blocks.
Light in weight and heavy on style...
An UPDATE has been made on the Rig, after rigging of J-CLASS Hanuman, the 42m/138ft modern recreation of Tommy Sopwith`s fast and elegant J-Class (America’s Cup contender), Endeavour II.

Performance update:
The update consists of the existing flying runner blocks being exchanged to the Equiplite
flying runner blocks:  TrrbB block 30T MWL. - Weight: 2.823 (g) - Type: 160-30-20t TrrbB-VHi

Many (Super)yachts are sailing with our Turbo runner roller becket Blocks.
One of them is SY J-Class Rainbow… As many J-class' are sailing with 40-60% of our
deck hardware we have now supplied the second J-class with our aft rigging
hardware on a Rondal High Performance rig!

Mast Builder:
- Rondal BV
Supplied and installed by:
Equiplite™ main supplier Spain: RSB Rigging Solutions Srl, in Palma de Mallorca.
  • Weight is not an important thing on a J-class but it is when you can reduce the weight of the Flying Runner block by at least 60%, the impact of the leeward runner in the mainsail is reduced incredibly. Resulting in less maintenance and a longer lifespan of the mainsail.
  • Connection: easy to connect and disconnected. Which results in easy service – maintenance on this position.
  • Self aligning system - Less friction –higher efficiency –
  • Self lubricating - No grease or lubricant is used which makes servicing an easy and clean job
If you require more technical feedback for new projects don’t hesitate to call or contact: 
Mr. R. Persenaire. e-mail...
 J-class Hanuman....
J-Class Hanuman | Equiplite J-CLASS Hanumans new flying runner blocks. Light in weight and heavy on style...