A solid solution with approved fiber Certificate.
Fibre 3D LOOP™ is the Certified connection for customized hardware...

Professional servicing remains a key part of the yacht's maintenance schedule.
Adding this certificate to a yachts management system guarantees close record keeping and the approval of marine surveyors and insurance companies.
Certified and registered
The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 proves that a company is working diligently to establish quality and performance objectives. ISO 9001:2008 contains a commitment to continuous improvement and a process-orientated approach. Safety and reinsurance for the client, compliant with the large commercial Yacht Code (LY3), Paragraph 1.4.2 of the general implementation of the international safety management code and guidelines adopted by IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee.

Two available versions of certified EQ loops:
The Equiplite 3D | LOOP ™ 360 and the EQ Quick Loop™ 3D LT Splice Technology work at a lower percentage of ultimate tensile strength (UTS), reducing EQ Loop™ stress and fatigue. Because of the highest standards in materials  used, in combination with a special 3D ((3 Dimensional)) splicing technique, these loops are dependable, safe, light and durable.

Loops are approved on MWL and come with an officially issued certificate.
ISO 9001 - VCA **-EKHloop certificate organisations

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FIBER CERTIFICATION | Equiplite APPLICATION NOTE FIBER CERTIFICATION A solid solution with approved fiber Cert