METS 2018 METS 2018
The Netherlands | sept 2018
Come to the Equiplite stand #11.607 on the METS 2018, november 13 - 15 we will be presenting or new innovations and designs.....
MYS  Monaco Yacht Show
The Netherlands | sept 2018
Meet Equiplite on the Monaco Yacht  show  on the 26th of september and take a look at our new innovations.....
The new way to connect  The new way to connect.......
The Netherlands | Apr 2017
It was time to develop a high tech Swivel (SWIv™), with an interface, perfectly suited for the Riggers needs - "Use of spliced ropes or "Use of 360 loops and multiple strange ropes. ...
Guiding you to the top...  Guiding you to the top...
The Netherlands | apr 2015
With the new Air Tracer system, Equiplite makes hoisting large sails easy to control and reduces damaging.....
  | New projects  
SY Ngoni SY Ngoni
The Netherlands | Jun 2017
This is some yacht, inspired by the client looked for the next new, new thing; a dream project for the designer, shipyard and Equiplite®.” Equipped by Equiplite® & AutoLock by Equiplite®....
Svea J-S1   Svea J-S1
The Netherlands | Jun 2017
High-tech construction, Equiplite® NEXt™ deck and sail hardware specifications ensure a J-Class Formula one capabilities...
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