Air Tracer




Air Tracer

Depending on the project, most calculators have already found the benefits of using Equiplite® products. Equiplite stands for innovation in sailing performence while improving on safety. With the new Air Tracer system, Equiplite makes hoisting large sails easy to control and reduces damaging.

AirTracer System 

Air Tracer system

Gennakkers, Code Zeros and Stay sails are difficult to handle because of the large size, up to 4.000 sq/m. Usually these sails are set when close reaching causing the sail to beat against the mast, headstay and/or rigging. Hoisting the sail with The Equiplite® Air tracer™ offers complete control till the sail is fully hoisted. Large Gennakers, Code Zeros, and Stay sails are easy to handle using Equiplite® Top Swivels and Code Zero furlers. Our furling system offers many benefits for setting and striking the sail. All our top swivels systems can be equipped with the Air Tracer™. more...

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