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Future Fibres 75.8m carbon fibre rig is stepped, and equipped 
with NEW AutoLock Headstay furling lock ...

Working together with Future Fibres which having completed such a challenging project, Future Fibres are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the fourth largest mast in the world and to demonstrate it is now perfectly placed to offer a Mediterranean based, state of the art alternative for the supply of large Superyacht composite mast and rigging packages.

Sailing Perfection Group of Companies (Equiplite Europe) is delighted to announce we are one of these suppliers.


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Future Fibres


The brief for this vessel focused on achieving the highest levels of performance and has meant Future Fibres has been able to utilise state-of-the-art developments from its work in the Grand Prix race arena.


Has the very latest development in head stay furling. AutoLock Headstay furling lock. The Autolock is recognized universally as the most aerodynamically and cleanest available fully automatic lock systems.

Our focus:

A few of the main improvements here include a lower initial investment, a significant reduction of compression in the mast, a lower weight count and less creep ( construction stretch ) while accessibility for maintenance and sail changes have been made easier. The now much smaller and thinner halyard runs through the luff pocket in the sail and no longer through the mast. After hoisting the sail and locked and tension the Cunningham, the hoist line disconnects after which the sail can be hydraulically furled in and out.

Direct link: Headsail furling head lock

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

Project: Future Fibres


Rig Components:

product: type: workload:
Staysail Furling Head AutoLock**  B-AL25 B50 25.000 kg SWL

**Staysail 370 m2 On soft hanks and removable torque cable.

Technical Data


Carbon Fibre by Future Fibers

Boom:  23.4m
Carbon Fibre by Future Fibers
Standing Rigging: Lateral Rigging in Carbon Fibre and Fore Stays in Carbon+PBO+Kevlar 
AutoLock: Staysail Furling Head AutoLock 25T SWL.


Sail Inventory:

Main Sail: 808 m2
The mast features 4 main sail locks: 1 full hoist + 3 reefs Batten car system Cunningham ram
Reacher: 1.160 m2
Blade: 706 m2
with carbon vertical battens
Staysail: 370 m2
On soft hanks and removable torque cable
Code 0: 1.804 m2
On the biggest torque cable TDF ever built by Future Fibres
A2: 2.602 m2
A3: 2.173 m2
Spinnaker Staysail: 721 m2


Rig and Standing rigging:

Future Fibres



Naval Architects:

Ron Holland



Perini Navi

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