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Snatch blocks  



Snatch Blocks


Higher workloads in key positions are now being tackled with our 6.G Equiplite blocks.

Equiplite® Snatch blocks use SK fibre loops to take the loads directly through the centre of the sheave. This allows the blocks to be extremely light (75% less than competitive assemblies of the same load).

It is a system that offers optimum flexibility, durable, lightweight and can meet both the needs of the sailors and reach performance targets.

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The special shaped groove in the side plates will lock the loop.
This ensures the loop will never dislodge accidently.

Maintenance Management System
The blocks come with a NFC identification chip. This chip is the solution to improveidentification, keep track of maintanance history, position of the blocks and more.

With one key you can disassemble the block completely for servicing.
It is even possible to replace the certificated loop yourself.

The carbon bearing gives unparalleled load efficiency with the lowest possible stick slip. The new design covered in a Nituff® coating creates an unmatchedwear resistance of the cover system.





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Fiber Certification    Fiber Certification        ISO 9001 - VCA  **-EKH

                                                          Certified and registered

        MMS™NFC technology in the Soft and hardware - (((RFID))) Improved maintenance management

Optional: Bungee becket  


"THE Bungee Becket"

These fittings are required when fixating blocks in diagonal or upright position to the railing with shockcord.

* Plug and play..:  soft fitting.

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