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Super braid loop HARDware
Equiplite® products employ the properties of Dyneema® SK. This creates an amazing combination of lightness, durability, tremendous strength and extremely low stretch. Equiplite™ Quick Loops are 15 times stronger than stainless steel fittings. These fittings have been in use on top-performance yachts, super yachts and one designs.

Weight counts
Light weight means a faster boat. Modern boats go to extraordinary lengths in design, cost and materials to save weight, Equiplite hardware pays dividends as connectors on the lee rail and at the bow. Up the mast, where weight requires over 5 times that weight in the keel to compensate, Equiplite halyard connectors and blocks are especially important for maximum performance.

Significant advantages
Join the hundreds of top boats using the Equiplite advantage. Equiplite fittings can be up to 90% lighter. Weight savings vary depending on type and comparison but general range is from 60% to 87% for the same load. Equiplite fittings don´t fatigue or jam if overloaded as do stainless connectors and unlike stainless fittings can take reasonable overloads without detriment.

Wear is easily visible, they will not flog off even without the Velcro locks. In a panic sail change the Velcro can be attached later... and they do far less damage to masts, spinnaker tracks, decks and top sides. They are available in any size for any use, at competitive prices.

Long life
Loops are made of the strongest available UV tolerant SK fibre. Dyneema® is a tough long wearing material with a long life UV resistant waterproof coating. And if used with a smooth connection hole is long lasting, any wear is clearly visible and loops and velcro ties are replaceable. Volvo AC and top racing boats have been using them for up to 12 months and 30.000 hard racing miles, and they are still going strong, while some fittings are on their second set of sheets.

Yarn properties: UV-resistance
DSM® regarding the UV resistance and the graph of SK.

As you will see, the graph referrers to the bare fibre, with no coating. In a single braid construction (like for the SK) only part of the fibres are exposed to direct sunlight: the core fibres of each single strand are shielded by the external ones and therefore their degradation is slower.....continue


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