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Team VESTAS - Olympian and World Champion sailor Chris Nicholson will skipper the new one-design Volvo Ocean 65 boat, teaming up with Shore Manager Neil Cox to lead Team Vestas Wind. Moreover, two Danish sailors, Peter Wibroe and Nicolai Sehested - the youngest Dane ever to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race - will make up part of the eight-man crew who will set sail from Alicante, Spain on the 4th October.


Supplied by Volvo Ocean:

Rig hardware
- 2:1 main halyard block

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

Deck hardware
- barberhaul blocks
- Lead blocks

Technical Data

Hull length    20.40 m (67 ft)
Length on deck: 19.8 m (65 ft)
Length overall: 21.95 m (72 ft)
Hull Beam: 5.60 m (18.4 ft)
Max Draft: 4.70 m (15.4 ft)
Keel arrangement: Canting keel to +/- 40 degrees with 3 degrees of incline at axis
Rig Height: 30.30 m (99.4 ft)
Rig Arrangement: Deck stepped, twin backstays with deflectors
Mainsail Area: 151 m2
Working Headsail Area: 135 m2 (permanently hoisted furling jib)
Upwind Sail Area: 451 m2 (Mainsail and Masthead Code 0)
Downwind Sail Area: 550 m2 (Mainsail and A3)


Team Vestas


Naval Architect:
Farr Yacht Design

Yacht Builder:
Green Marine Ltd

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