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Baltic 78 "LUPA OF LONDON"

SY Lupa of Londen was the first yacht to be fitted a carbon Hall Spars mast combined with SCR (solid carbon rod) rigging with a streamlined airfoil shape. Fully equipped with our AutoLocks and accompanied by a vast array of all-round Equiplite deck and running rigging hardware. This Baltic 78 is arguably one of the most hi-tech, high performance canting keel cruiser/racers ever constructed at Baltic Yachts.


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The concept, layouts, styling, material and equipment selection etc. are the result of over one years work in close cooperation with the owner. The result is an extremely modern, high-tech and high performance yacht with a canting keel, but also with the best of comfort for cruising. Developments from its work in the Grand Prix race arena.


All-round Equiplite deck and running rigging hardware featuring a special combination between a Fredriksen jib car with a custom Equiplite block on top. The latest developments in AutoLock technology were also employed for Code 0, Hanging jib, and Mainsail.

Our focus:

A few of the main improvements here when a combine with AutoLock and Equiplite include a lower initial investment, a significant reduction of compression in the mast, a lower weight count and less creep ( construction stretch ) while accessibility for maintenance and sail changes has been made easier.

Direct link: Internal Autolock

Supplied by Hall BV:


Rig Components:

  • Internal masttop AutoLock
  • Code 0 Block AutoLock
  • External hanging jib AutoLock
  • Main sail

Deck hardware:

  • Barberhaul blocks
  • Jib / Staysail blocks on Fredriksen car
  • Gennaker blocks
  • All-round blocks

Running Rigging:

  • NS connectors and haylard swivels

Name: SY LUPA of London
Model: Baltic 78

Technical Data

LOA 23.95 m
LWL 21.60 m
Beam 5.48 m
Draft 3.80 m
I 32.02 m
J 9.20 m
P 29.04 m
E 10.03 m


Hall BV
Rig & Standing rigging & Autolock



Naval Architects:

Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design



Baltic Yachts

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