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Quantum Racing is the ultimate test platform for their Fusion M sails and a critical part of their design & manufacturing processing know as IQ Technology.

Mission: To create the world’s finest sails.

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

- Code 0 furlers
- Deck loops
- Spinnaker blocks
- Barberhaul blocks

Technical data

Owner Doug De Vos
From USA
Manufacture date 2011
Designer Botin Partners
Builder Longitud Zero/Spain
Length 15.85 m
Draft 3.35 m
Beam 4.42 m
Displacement 7300 kg
Mast height (from water line)    23.8 m
Mast weigth 295 kg
Cres weight max.

1130 kg

Mail sail area 93.5 m
Spinnaker area 260 m
Jib area 65 m

Quantum Sail Design Group:
Quantum Sails

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