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Miribella V

The largest single masted yacht in the world became reality in the late Summer of 2003.

This revolutionary composite super yacht is already presenting unique challenges to the leading designers and engineers involved in her creation.

Performance is a key demand of this pioneering vessel, with special emphasis on windward ability, and her brief has called for a capability of exceeding 20 knots under sail.

The vast experience gained from the earlier Mirabellas will ensure that this ground breaking yacht will incorporate every facility for the luxury corporate and private charter market.

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Lourens Poorter, Nick named LP, from Sailing Perfection Group of Companies was one of the 5 riggers of Mirabella V


We build for the Stay sail and Genua sheets the biggest Equiiplite™ NS connectors made, at that time:

Type: 35-20NS MWL.: 40.000kg

and last but not least,

It was the first project that used Lead blocks for Genua and stay sail sheets in the world, with a Break load of 90.000kg

Supplied by Equiplite Europe:

Deck hardware:

product: workload:  
All-round snatch blocks 20T Up to 40T MWL more...
Lead blocks for Genua & Staysail sheets 20T Up to 40T MWL more...

Running rigging hardware:

product: workload:  
All sheet connectors 215T up to 40T MWL more...

Technical Data

 LOA 75.22m | 247 ft
 Beam 14.80m| 48.5 ft
 Draught (keel up) 4.0m | 13 ft
 Draught (keel fullty down) 10.0m | 33 ft
 Displacement half load 765 T
 Mast Height 88.5m | 290 ft
 Builder Vosper Thornycroft
 Project manager Paul Johnson MDC
 Architect/interior designer Ron Holland Design
 Compisite engeneering High Modulus
 Mail sail - segmented battenend panels    1557m2 | 16,760ft2
 UPS 1833m2 |19,730ft2
 Wokring jib 828m2 | 8,915ft2

320m2 | 3,445ft2

 Built to Complaint

Naval Architect:

Ron Holland

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