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J-Class Hanuman
Naval architects Gerard Dijkstra & Partners have overseen the build of the HANUMAN’s hull in Alustar, with spars and rig in carbon composite to create a yacht that demonstrates the full potential of Charles E Nicholson’s original design. To further this ambition, Royal Huisman has worked with the naval architects, the independent Carew Group, master sailmakers North Sails and spar makers Rondal and deckhardware makers Equiplite Europe to create the optimum mast and sail configuration as, in effect, a single wing unit

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Supplied by Rondal BV:

- NEW type block UPSTAND Snatch block
   [moveable 25-78-10SB-VHL]
- Equiplite™ UPSTAND™ Systems

Running rigging:
- Flying Runner Block 160-30-20t TrrbB-VHi | image....289more.png-2012-03-08-10-52-11-
- Sheet Connectors
- Jib 2:1 halyard block

Technical data

Project No. J-Class
Name Hanuman
Length 138 ft | 42 m
Year 2009
Builder Royal huisman
Design Dykstra and partners
Interior        Pieter Beeldsnijder

Royal Huisman

Dykstra & Partners Naval

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