J-Class | Rainbow

Equiplite worked close together with Dykstra and partners Yacht designer and Blue Water Yachting in the person of Cees Rem to customize deck set up for the new J-CLASS Rainbow.

Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects where chosen to give Rainbow a new life. A repeat client, the former owner of Windrose of Amsterdam, showed his trust in the Dykstra team to be the Naval Architects and designers for this new J-Class yacht. The 46 meter schooner Windrose Amsterdam set the Trans Atlantic schooner record at 10,5 days in 2005 [some professional crew was Gerard Dijkstra Navigator, Cees Rem Main trimmer, Lourens Poorter, bowman and steering] , the previous record of 12 days was set by Charley Barr with Atlantic in 1905.

The 40 meter J-Class Rainbow will be built in aluminum and designed according to the JCA (J Class Association) maximum performance rules. Equiplite came up with innovative solutions and innovative new hardware. One of the new type blocks will be the Equiplite™ UPSTAND™ systems and the NEW type Runner blocks. This will continue by using the latest technology, research and newly developed materials available in the world.
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We are always communicating with all different parties (designers, sailmakers, riggers), to innovate and improve the sail performance and the final product.

Rainbow, a passion for innovation | Equiplite RAINBOW, A PASSION FOR INNOVATION Equiplite worked close together with Dykstra an